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Maybe your boss is giving you critical and valuable information, but you’re just scribbling away. Perhaps your teacher is lecturing, discussing topics that you’ve been assured will be on the test. In either case, the authority figure will be upset that you aren’t giving your full attention. However, doodling has been shown to improve focus, develop creativity, and create clarity.

Improve Focus?

When you doodle, your brain is processing the information given. If a picture is worth a thousand words, someone doodling can theoretically digest anything, including class lectures and meeting notes. For example, when discussing photosynthesis, someone could draw a simple flower and sunshine to their notes. A business meeting might involve drawing dollar signs for lucrative trade, or a crown to indicate a significant person.

Develop Creativity

The only limits of doodling are creativity, which will increase by usage. While a lot of creatives wait for The Muse to strike, merely the act of making is enough to encourage The Muse to peer over your shoulder. Since any doodle, by nature, does not have to be Art, everyone is qualified to be creative and doodle. Your doodles might never be in the Smithsonian, but they can help your thinking.

Create Clarity

Doodling has been compared to meditation, which is useful for clearing the mind of extraneous material. If your brain can only hold so much information at once, you need to find a way to dump what you don’t need at that moment to pick up what you do need. Whether you doodle something specific or draw lines, your brain is putting down information that is not in use.

There are several benefits to scribbling and doodling, even if they don’t make sense to anyone else. We can use doodling to clear our minds, making plenty of space for important information. Doodling can help develop your creativity since the act of creation encourages a desire to create more. While you may never use your doodles, they can help direct your creativity into something meaningful. Finally, doodling promotes focus, as a picture can specify a thousand words.