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Getting those you teach involved in learning can come with some problems. Not only do you have to keep their attention, but you need to convince them to participate. Try out these three ideas to engage your learners.

Guided Options

Students can quickly learn when you add guided options into the lesson. This means that you allow your learners to discover answers and to figure out the topic on their own. This way, they can work together, collaborate and share different ideas with each other.

Have them work together through different activities and you can guide them as they need help. If you notice them making a major mistake, help them out, but let them figure out small mistakes on their own. Continue to guide and assist them as needed.

Ask Open-end Questions

Some teachers focus on lessons and trying to give information to their students. However, you can keep them engaged as you ask open-ended questions that make them think. These questions should encourage them to answer with their own ideas and concepts to help the class further understand the subject.

When you ask an open-ended question, don’t look for specific answers. Instead, have questions that allow the students to share their own ideas with others. This encourages them to interact with each other and to continue building upon their learning.

Create Games

Many teachers will add learning games to their lessons since they can keep the attention of others. On top of that, it gives you a chance to see how each learner performs and what they know about the subject.

You also give them the chance to review material and work together. Try to include games where children can work in groups and talk with each other while they play the game. This allows each learner to add their input while keeping them engaged with the lesson.

As a teacher, you should always do your best to engage your learners in the lesson. Doing so will help them to remember what you taught and to apply it to their lives. Keep doing your best to keep them engaged so that you can have an impact on their lives.