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Creativity is an important characteristic in a growing child. A creative mind more easily grasps mathematical and scientific concepts. Creativity pairs with imagination to generate problem-solving skills, enhance communication skills and physical health. There are a number of ways that parents may bolster the creativity in their children.

Homemade Holiday Gifting

Rather than spending endless hours searching for a perfect gift. Encourage children to make gifts for loved ones during the holidays or special occasions. Youngsters often have wonderful ideas for making personalized gifts for specific individuals. The gifts are more heartfelt and often more appreciated. Parents may assist if needed with steps that might be difficult or a bit hazardous. Otherwise, allow children to experience the fun.

Craft Kits

From an early age, children may develop an interest in learning a craft. Some enjoy creating artwork. Others are more interested in crocheting, knitting or sewing. Curious minds might delight in working on mechanical or science-based crafts. There are numerous kits available for youngsters of all ages. Crafts help develop fine motor skills along with eye/hand coordination while broadening their knowledge base and enhancing self-confidence.

Baking and Cooking

Allowing youngsters to help in the kitchen to prepare a simple meal or a healthy treat introduces them to mathematics, science and problem solving among other skills. Measurements and ratios are needed for original recipes or when increasing or decreasing the ingredients proportionately. They learn the effects of combining certain ingredients and the role that heat and refrigeration play. Children also often make suggestions to improve or enhance particular recipes or devise their own concoctions.

Nature Walks

Go to a nearby park or nature preserve and enjoy a pleasant stroll. Encourage the children to collect items along the way that interests them. When at home, have them create a story concerning some of the items. They might also incorporate the treasures into a craft project for all to enjoy and commemorate the day.

Save Empty Boxes

Empty boxes have long been a favorite toy for youngsters of all ages, which automatically encourages creativity. When a large item comes home in a box. Gift the box to the children. Allow them to turn the container into anything they desire and decorate it accordingly using crayons, colored paper or water-based paints.