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A creative outlet may seem like something that is reserved for artsy people. However, it should be noted that everyone can benefit from having a creative outlet. A creative outlet is a way to reduce stress and help the body and mind relax. Creative outlets can be any type of creative activity that allows you to relax and brings you joy.

How to Start

Finding a creative outlet may seem like a daunting task. Start by thinking of creative activities that bring you joy. Did you enjoy coloring as a kid? Maybe painting was your favorite part of the art class. A lot of people have succeeded in finding their creative outlet when reflecting on their childhood experiences.

Don’t go Spend Crazy

Once you find something that you think could serve as your creative interest, it will be tempting to head to the nearest craft store and go overboard on all the supplies you think you may need. You may even be tempted to create an art studio. However, a creative outlet should be something small that does not cause you stress. Spending excessive amounts of money on your creative outlet could make it unintentionally stressful.

Don’t Follow the Rules

Creative outlets do not have rules. If you have the urge to color outside the lines, go for it! Do not be afraid of creating abstract art. Also, don’t be scared of picking up activities that may be considered “juvenile.” All that matters is that you are having fun.

Get to Know Yourself

When discovering your creative outlet, you’ll likely find that you will be learning more about yourself as a person. If you’ve never used creativity to express yourself, you’ll probably find comfort in creating something that you can hold in your hands. If the idea of making something physical is not appealing, play with graphic design on a computer or get a digital coloring book. This is a great creative outlet for people who do not have access or room to store physical craft supplies. There is no limitation on what can be considered a creative outlet, so let your imagination run wild! Remember to make time for your creative outlet in your daily or weekly schedule.