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Lisbeth Cherrington

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Lisbeth “Libby” Cherrington is a Co-Founder of Smart Company Kids, Mother of Two, and Business Leader.

Co-Founder of Smart Company Kids, Lisbeth Cherrington is passionate about helping people grow in financial literacy, and starting you seems to have some pretty stellar advantages. Smart Company Kids currently has a school program being beta-tested with a Montessori-school.

Focusing on ages 3-12, Libby and the team are revolutionizing what can be accomplished by implementing learning through play. “Once kids hit a certain age, the ego begins to develop and anxiety creeps in a lot easier. But by implementing learning through play at a young, kids can learn a lot more than a lot of people think is possible, and the best part is they have a ton of fun doing it,” says Libby when asked about the mission behind teaching kids about the stock market.

In addition to her work with Smart Company Kids, Lisbeth Cherrington is passionate about inspiring people to embrace what makes them unique. Far too many people let others define them and live in a perpetual state of anxiety and self-judgement. “I want to tell people that it doesn’t matter what others think about them or even what they think about themselves. I want people to know their identity is found in their value as a human being and not in their perceived limitations,” says Libby when asked about what is driving her to start a blog like this.

The interesting thing about this way of living is, once you allow yourself to actually be the “real you”, creativity can flow in a way like never before.

Even in the midst of a successful business and a number of illustrated children’s books created to help educate in a fun and enlightening way, Libby makes it a point to spend time with her beautiful family, a loving mother to two wonderful children.

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